Most of us aren’t models but we can feel just alike with a couple of these fashion tricks.

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Hello Everybody,

Spring will be coming soon and besides new outfits there is also great accessories. With silk scarves and handkerchieves you can easily customize your spring bag. In today’s video I show you three ways how to beautify your bag. All you need is a small city bag and some of your scarves you probably have at home.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the HeadquartersToday at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Happy Thursday – spring will be here soon!



{bag} Mini City Bag // Zara

{Silk Scarves}  // Nordstrom


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Hello Loves,

{Today I see everything rose-tinted}

Some of you mentioned that it is hard to transition from a day outfit into a night wear just by changing up a bit. Let’s say you need to work this Saturday, because you work in retail business, you might not be able to be going home and change before your Valentine’s date will take place. But you also want to look smashing great and flirty.

{Here is one way I transition my outfit from day to date night}

My key piece is a short overall that I match with a work appropriate skirt and jacket. I am wearing shiny black slippers and a cute belt with a bow. My hair is put back in a low bun, so I can open it up later for loose waves that look fresh.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

{When transitioning to date night, I simply take off the blazer and skirt}

A short overall is super easy to hide under a skirt. It is a very flirty item that will make a different impression for a date night…and by chance you can dance away the night in it!

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

{Pumps will elongate your legs and instantly say: you are on a date now!}

Today at the Headquarters

{Switch your bag in a cute clutch}

Shoulder bags say: daytime / Clutches say: I am dating you at night! This one is from Reiss and I am obsessing over it right now. So simple but clever in color. One side is ivory and the other side is bright red. In combination with green, I think this is a great eye-catcher and matches lovey lips and nails.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

{Put on a romantic cape and link arms with Mr. Charming}

I love capes. They are so classic and romantic. Make sure to wear a jacket underneath to keep your arms warm. And hey, it’s Valentines Day! Spread the love!

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

{Jewelry & Accessories}

I am keeping it bold and natural at the same time with both, my make-up choice and jewelry. True red lips and nude eyes. Bold clutch and fine gold necklace and bracelet. I am also wearing my beautiful Ringly ring, that is the best gadget any dating girl can wear right now. It vibrates and lights up discretely on the side when I need to be notified about any incoming messages, calls, tweets or the Uber I ordered. With Ringly I can enjoy dinner without even checking my phone but being assured to being notified when it’s important. Top Shop’s two side earrings are super cute and such a trend right now.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


See my day to date night make-up in detail and with all links: here

Today at the Headquarters

{Happy Valentines Day!}

Yes! I made a video and a song – for you! …”from day to date night feels right…uhhh lalala”

XO, Corinna


{Short Overall}  // similar at Zara

{Blazer} with faux leather parts // similar at H&M

{Skirt} Sofia // Reiss (now on sale)

{Belt} Lash Queen Mascara // Ted Baker (now on sale)

{Slipper} Shiny Leather  // Buffalo


{Heels} Soft Calf Pump // J. Lindeberg

{Clutch} Joy // Reiss

{Earrings} Front And Back Fan Studs // Top Shop

{Necklace} Plättchen Kette // Bottega Orafa – Annika de Haen

{Ring} Into The Woods // Ringly

{Bracelet} Infinity // Bijou Brigitte

{Cape} Cape-Jacket // Zara

{Gloves} Leather Gloves // Celine


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Valentines Day is thankfully on a Saturday this year. But in case you need to work on weekends here is a way to dress from day to date night. I will be posting the entire outfit, links and story tomorrow in pictures. Stay there.

Happy Valentines Day!

Today at the Headquarters




Hello Ladies,

Is it true or not? No cute stuff allowed in business, or what? How feminine can you go with your outfits? What is your experience with wearing stuff you find really cute and like wearing off and on duty; Does it also make you feel great at work? How much cuteness is beneficial and what would be too much?

Today at the Headquarters


A sheath dress counts to the classic business attire. Many girls dress it in a cute way as I observe at my headquarters. My video shows two extremes of how to style the sheath dress. For me, it says completely different things about the outer personality. Cuteness is perceived as immature and less serious, whereas a more strict appearance pronounces responsibility eventually leading to bigger budgets and projects. True or false?

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


I think, it is most important to feel great inside out and great projects will come instinctually.

What is your experience with cuteness and on how to be dressing a sheath dress for the office?





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{This happens, when I…}

…shop Ted Baker sale. YES! Women can get kinda crazy when we get amazing deals on sale!!!! Sometimes ;)


If you are looking for something special: now is the best and last time to shop for it in your favorite stores. Enjoy getting a great deal on maybe something you were eyeing on a longer time.

Today at the Headquarters shares business outfits and lifestyle beyond the classic business suit – It’s more fun without that suit anyway! ;)

Take a good laugh at my video!




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Hello Everybody,

As I am starting to write this article, I become aware of two things:

First of all this is my 100th posting on Today at the Headquarters. I started blogging about business outfits in March last year and “The Trick With The Waistline” was my fist article I blogged about. Secondly I think this fashion trick is still very relevant that I now wanted to bring it back to you and round into what I’ve learned in the past 10 months of writing on

Today at the Headquarters

I am working in a large corporation where female executives are still pretty rare and mostly dress like men for acceptance and also for the advancement in their careers. Fashion wise the rest of us are being observed as all over the place; from super casual to fancy chic, you find it all. As if there is no common understanding of what is ‘business correct” or let’s call it contemporary business etiquette we can rely on.

Observing and interviewing a diverse number of successful young professionals, I believe that if we want to be on equal terms in our corporate careers, we have to be free and accepted in our femininity. I think this independence and equality starts with the way we dress – the way we appear to others. A sloppy jeans you could easily wear to the beach or a cute dress that is simply too tight or too short for the office seems to be the most popular rule as a business ‘no-go’. However, there is a great ‘grey zone’ of business outfits that seem to be accepted but not overly flattering for females. Especially in traditional and conservative jobs, like finance, the classic business suit or costume still rules. I find neither one of them practical or good-looking. For the business suit the belt line sits right on your hips accentuating one of our naturally bigger body parts. The business costume only looks great in heels and if you don’t have a great model-like figure, it can make you appear as very squeezed in and therefore awkwardly shaped.

Imagine men wouldn’t wear business suits anymore – what would you wear then? Being independent also shows in what you wear in your daily job. We do not need to be sexy or men-like; a balance that is authentic for us must be possible and also affordable, not only for executives. I want to see female role models wearing contemporary chic office attire. I myself also want to try new feminine outfits expressing independence from conformity and everything that tells us to be more masculine before success will come. We will be the strongest when being ourselves.

Be brave. Be you. A real modern woman in today’s business world.

The Trick with the Waistline is a great start to new things in your business attire. Find my video on how I dress this trick right here.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the HeadquartersToday at the Headquarters



Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


The funny thing about these comparing outfits is, that the trousers of the classic outfit were as expensive as the entire new outfit with the skirt – how ironic :)

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Big hug,




Trousers // Hugo Boss (180 €)

Collar Shirt // Banana (70€)

Tweed Jacket // Zara (40 € – now on sale)

Pleated Skirt // Hallhuber (40 € – now on sale)

Belt // Wolford (old), similar Ted Baker (30 €)

Pumps “Soft Calf Pumps” // J.Lindeberg (they are my absolute fav. for months and now 50% on sale)

I am reporting from Munich, Germany


Today at the Headquarters


Hello Everybody!

What a difference a skirt makes…LOL. It really does. A pencil skirt shapes your body differently than a pleated skirt. I always kinda new it but comparing these images is really interesting. In both pictures I am wearing the same shirt and shoes but my figure looks very different. So, let’s take a closer look at what is happening here:

Today at the Headquarters


A pencil skirt is tight like a bodycon and reaches until your knees accentuating your curves. My proportions are half-half, because of skirt length and similar colors. // A pleated skirt naturally flows in an A-shape accentuating my waistline instead of my hips. When worn like me in black, sectioning my figure in 1/3 – 2/3’s, where the lower body appears longer. Pleated skirts come in all lengths. I personally prefer them in a length still showing my knees, because it stretches my legs.

Today at the Headquarters


If you pair a black skirt with black tights and pumps you visually elongate your body – it’s a nice trick to looking taller and thinner. Amazing!


Which look to you like better for the office: pencil or pleated? Let me know in the comments below.

Today at the Headquarters


Always look your best and enjoy yourself!


OUTFIT “Pencil”

Top // Zara

Skirt // Zara

Necklace // Zara or this one

Shoes “Soft Calf Pumps” // J. Lindeberg

OUTFIT “Pleated”

Top // Zara

Skirt // Hallhuber

Necklace // I am

Tights “Satin Look 40” // Kunert

Shoes “Soft Calf Pumps” // J. Lindeberg



Hello Everybody! How to dress up casual wear for business? I love if clothing and style works for both, off duty and also for the office. Here is 5 ways how to bring your casual wear to the next level while keeping your personal style.Today at the Headquarters


A blazer instantly says “business”. Here I pair a classic regular shape and length probably all of us have in our closets. The length reaches your hips covering most of your bottom. The shirt I leave hanging lose because it has the same length as the blazer. Make sure to add a statement necklace to this combo to give it the contemporary touch. Fine jewelry would make it too conservative. My necklace matches color with my pumps, rounding it off well.

Today at the Headquarters Today at the Headquarters Today at the Headquarters


If adding a blazer isn’t enough official statement for your workplace and meeting-types, then switch the silk shirt into a blouse. I prefer those with a very small collar or even peter pan collar (rounded edges). It is very feminine in my eyes – just a fine line making the collar become more of a detail instead of an eye-catcher. Tuck in the blouse and add a bold belt. Pair up with your regular blazer – it will give you the appropriate appearance needed. Never let a blouse stick out – it never looks good on anybody – make it a rule! Add a statement necklace to prep the overall look.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


It is so easy and best works with blazers and jackets which insides have a different color material. Roll it up until your blouse cuffs show. This little trick elevates any blazer outfit into coolness and only takes a few seconds “let’s get stated!”

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


In case your headquarter job requires a high amount of conservativeness you can tone down your third color in your outfit. In this case it would be beige or might as well call it champage – but still keeping some red lips – can’t take that away from you! :). Switch into less detailed pumps in a settled color such as black matching belt and blazer. Also lose any kind of bold accessory such as the statement necklace. If you embrace colors, you can dress up with a silk scarf. Find inspiration here.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


Commute in flats – switch in heels occasionally and feel good during the day! Always and always :).

Today at the Headquarters


For me a blazer isn’t always fun and certainly not necessary in my current job. In a creative environment a black blazer does not fit so well or simply isn’t welcomed. I am loving Hallhuber’s feather vests. They are when paired with a blouse and necklace so chic and fun. Make sure to wear red nails and lips for accent color. But most important is that you feel comfortable and yourself – then everything goes and you will carry yourself and that look on your face during the day.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

It is just a couple of little things I’ve changed in my weekend outfit to turn a casual combo I currently enjoy into something appropriate to wear at the headquarters. There is only a few symbols that say “formal” such as a blazer or blouse tucked in and paired with a belt. You can elevate your look into more contemporariness with a great statement necklace or accent color. Most often it’s the little things making your business attire more compelling. I hope you find this series interesting or helpful. Let me know if you want to see more of it.

Thanks for reading &

Enjoy Office-Beauty!


:: OUTFIT ::

Shirt // Forever21

Blazer // Hugo Boss

Blouse // COS

Feather Vest // Hallhuber (only in store)

Pants // J. Lindeberg

Belt // similar Versace

Necklace // Coast

Pumps “Nude” // Zara

Pumps “Black” // Zara

Flats // Tory Burch

Purse // Zara

Nail Color “Rouge d’Enfer 121” // Guerlain

Lip Color “101 Possess” // Helena Rubinstein

Hello Business Travelers!

When going on business trips I standardized a couple of things to make it easy and simple leaving my free time dedicated to other things. I categorize my packing in “Things”, “Clothing” and “Beauty” which works well for me. I also have a suitcase travel rule and a couple of things to keep you fresh and beautiful while being away ^_^.

Travel Safe and Enjoy Beauty!


today at the headquarters



Suitcase // CALPAK (old) similar here

Wallet // Italian leather similar luxury version Hermès

Laptop Briefcase ‘Dustin’ // Sandqvist

Cosmetic Bag // DKNY

Make-Up Bag // MINI

Shoe bag // Diverse Brands (old) find great ones here

Headphones “Frends With Benefits” // Frends

Headphones “QuietComfort” // Bose

City Guide // Louis Vuitton

Sun Glasses // Armani (old) similar here



On Board Cosmetic Bag // Daiso or here

Deodorant “Original Compressed” // Dove

Lip Butter “Quince” // Korres

Mouth Wash // Scope

Hand Crème “Karite” // L’Occitane

Hand Sanitizer “Lavande” // L’Occitane

All About Eyes Serum // Clinique

Round Compact Mirror // Masami Shouko

Compact Powder “Mat Lumière” // Chanel

Travel Bags and Products // L’Occitane



Outfit // Blog Post Business Casual Travel




…gold accessories will always make you shine ^_^ Find my ideas on my Pinterest wall and connect with me there.

Hi Everyone! To style your business outfit from flat to flattering is a balance that needs some tricks and practice.

 flat vs. flattering

Fashion is an instrument of provocation but also liberation.

“You don’t fight revolutions with silk gloves”*, also meaning that you cannot disagree when being compliant. “There were times when a simple glove removed in a particular fashion could cause quite a stir. And when women figured it out, they didn’t hesitate to use the fashion as an instrument of provocation.”*

Times changed and we don’t really wear silk gloves anymore. However, when it comes to business outfits the corporate fashion among women these days is still either provocative or edgy with short skirts and skin showing or very adapted to men’s business styles. I find the second more common, because the first thing that we naturally do when we are new to a job is to adapt: to the situation, the wording, the behavior and appearance. We want to fit in. But what if men dominate this new environment? How do I stay authentic and fit in at the same time? There is more than a trouser suit that keeps your professional sophisticated look but feels much more like yourself.


When wearing regular women suits like a coat and skirt or trousers, the belt line happens to be right on our hips forcing to use a belt accentuating one of our bigger sizes of your lower body. In case you have a perfect model figure, you are lucky enough not needing to use any fashion tricks, but for the rest of us this is what helps to feel just alike ^_^.

business signature outfit_2

Bringing up the beltline to your waist will accentuate the smallest part of your body. Adding a thin belt gracefully shapes your outfit in a feminine style. In bringing the waistline even a little bit higher up than that will stretch your figure making you look even taller and thinner. In this way for instance you can easily pair a simple black A-line skirt with diverse blouses. If you want to, pair this outfit with a short blazer not longer than your waist. Adding a statement necklace of your choice will finish the overall look.

business signature outfit_6a

a-line skirt with blazer

Get rid of that silky glove and…Enjoy Beauty!



V Neck Blouse // Oasis

Mini Skirt Black // Hallhuber

Skinny Waist Belt // Accessorize

More Inspiration on my Pinterest  // The trick with the waistline

*Fashion and Women // Vogue Italia