Printed T-Shirt and Blazer // Cool Casual

How are you doing? How is your week so far? All cool at the headquarters?

Today at the Headquarters

I don’t know about you, but I love wearing printed shirts and blazers lately. They are so much fun for an easy casual business look. Today at the headquarters I am pairing a simple shirt with a white, long blazer and mid-length shorts. I think this length in shorts is okay when wearing it with 40-50 den tights. Adding pumps and your legs are super elongated.

A simple trick that I like to make use of, even if I am breaking a classic business etiquette rule – because I look good in it.

How do you like this type of style? Would you wear it in your office?

Today at the Headquarters

This t-shirt is old and I already used it to sleep in it :)…now it’s back in business. How cool is that – recycling of old clothes. The blazer is new and from the current Zara Woman Collection. I like the length of the blazer as it feels more like a jacket and covers my behind. It is the perfect match for mid-length shorts. I also wear this blazer with many other outfits and find it great for its’ versatility. My pumps are from J.Lindeberg and I wear them a lot. I really appreciate when a fashion investment pays off – makes me feel I made the right choice.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Bold = Casual = Fun!


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Disclaimer: Everything on my blog is my personal opinion and bought with my own money. All outfits I wear on my blog, I actually wear at work (a large corporate headquarters). So, it’s kind of a real girl – real work life fashion diary. I hope you enjoy reading and may find some ideas and inspiration. Would be lovely to connect over #businessoutfits.

© // 2015

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