Oversized Cardigan // Stay Warm And Chic In Your Workplace

Hello My Cozy Friends,

I don’t know about your workplace but today at my headquarters it is freaking cold…I only have desktop work and analytics scheduled and will be sitting on my beautiful butt all day long! It can get quite cold to be frankly, if not moving. So, besides a hot cup of tea or my lunch break, I don’t have any other warming activities going on. Las weekend I was shopping with my dear friend Julia and together we missioned for warming clothes for the office and the oversized cardigan is what we both agreed on for a cozy chic look.

Here is how I am pulling it off in the office.

Today at the Headquarters

As the oversize cardigan absorbs most of your figure it is key to this outfit to “figurize” underneath. A waisted dress or a waist accentuated skirt-shirt combo works well. I am pairing a pleated high waisted faux leather skirt with a neon silk top. Details are also key to making this outfit look purposeful. The silk shirt has 3/4 arm length which is just a bit longer than the cardigan arm cut. Full arm length would look as trying too hard. If you don’t  have this length available in your closet, you can always push up the sleeves (#fashiontrick). I am accessorizing with a statement necklace that you tie in the back. But instead of wearing it closely to your neckline, I am letting the necklace hang lower to intend more balanced proportions.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

And yeah, in case you are interested in my sophisticated glasses: they are Andy Wolf. He is an Austrian designer producing hand made quality eye wear. I you happen to be looking for a great place to buy eyewear in Munich, Lothus Optic is my trusted place that I recommend doubtless to you.

Today at the Headquarters

Why did I pick this exact cardigan? First off all it says anything but “hippie” which most likely will be “chic” instead. And besides the shape and warmth it has large pockets, too. I am hiding my batch, phones, gum and sometimes my Bose quiet comfort there as well….say whaaaaat?! Yeah, it kind of feels like hamster cheeks, where you can hide your goodies for later :). Instead of “what is in my bag”, I might do a “what’s in my pocket” post. Let me know if you are interested.Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

One more addition: I think every #businessoutfit is only complete with fragrance. The invisible tone to your appearance. I am loving Omnia Chytalline by Bvlgari.

Today at the Headquarters

Lovely seeing you here reading and watching! Keep it up!

Stay warm inside – out.



{Shirt} Briana Silk Top // similar Club Monaco

{Skirt} Pleated Skirt // Hallhuber (this one is not leather but the cut is the same)

{Cadigan} Cigarette Cut // similar H&M (I just bought mine at H&M, seems like an in store only)

{Necklace} Flower // similar Hallhuber

{Glasses} No.4445 // Andy Wolf Eyewear

{Boots} Nash // Dune

{Fragrance} Omnia Chrystalline // Bvlgari (I have the 25 ml pocket size, beautifully designed)


{Make-up} Frame Fix Cream Foundation No. 202 // Suqqu

{Mascara} Lash Queen Mascara // Helena Rubinstein

{Rouge} Joues Contraste Pink Explosion No.64 // Chanel

{Lipstick} Paris No.762 // Dior


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