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Today at the Headquarters


Hello Loves,

It happens quite frequently to me that I am going out after work and have to make-up myself right before leaving the office applying an off-duty look. In the first image you see my favorite make-up essentials getting date-night ready. Find all product links below.


{Lips & Nails}

Red lipstick is so flirty and instantly creates the feeling of “I am out of office for tonight”. I am pairing Tom Ford lips with Chanel nails – what more can a girl want for dating?

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


My daily trusties for shiny natural eyes are the Helena Rubinstein mascara and Lancome eye-liner. Many times I have been asked if I wore fake lashes…nope, HR just knew exactly why to name this wonderful product “Lash Queen” – and here I am using it. Lately I chose the tiger printed version. The product is the same but the packaging just too cute to resist. Arrrrr. Lancome’s liquid eye-liner comes with a sponge-like applicator being such a big help drawing the perfect monroe-line. Both I prefer in color black.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


I am wearing a liquid make-up from Suqqu, a Japanese brand that belongs to Kanebo Cosmetics. Very pricey but very great. So, when I apply Suqqu “Frame Fix Cream Foundation” it will be good all day. What I do to fresh-up my look is just a bit of tapping into a compact powder to settle some shine. Sephora has great brushes to work with.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


Falconeri is currently my fragrance of love. It is made from Italians in Italy – where else to get more flintiness? Fig is the main ingredient enchanting your appearance with a natural sweet vibe. Falconeri just opened their first apparel store in Germany. It is located in Munich Theatinerstr. Swing by and check it out. I love their products for their great value and quality as being designed AND produced in Italy. Look at this pretty bottle design – it has a dark wooden top – ahhhh!

Today at the HeadquartersToday at the Headquarters


On day to date nights I like to keep my hair curled up in a bun and then brush it right before I leave the office for a wavy romantic look. I really loves this cute Sephora travel brush – doing a great job.

Today at the Headquarters

Happy Valentines Day!

Today at the Headquarters

Kiss right and left!

Watch my video from Day to Date Night



{Lips} Crimson Noir 11 // Tom Ford

{Nails} 08 Pirate // Chanel

{Eyes} Lash Queen Mascara // Helena Rubinstein

{Eyes} #1 Artliner  // Lancome

{Make-up} Frame Fix Cream Foundation 202 // Suqqu

{Make-up} Vitalumiere Eclat B30 Beige Sable // Chanel

{Make-up} Pro Allover Powder Brush #61 // Sephora

{Hair} Gold Star Dual Boar Brush // Sephora

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