Irresistible Classic Red Lips

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Red lips belong to the classic repertoire of any girl’s way of being irresistible. Not only for date nights the red lip attracts and brings joy to both – you wearing it and everyone else having a shared moment with you. So come the red is an all-year-all-time around favor for us all.

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The use of red lipstick goes back to ancient times used as lip and face decoration. In the 16th century Queen Elizabeth I of England made the lip color fashionable although in the decades afterwards lipstick wasn’t accepted for unmarried women in Great Britain. It was not until 1915 that Elizabeth Arden and Estée Lauder commercialized the red lipstick as cosmetic product and with the help of fashion photography it eventually became as what we know it for today – widely accepted. The beauty market is covered in many shades of red ranging from glossy to matte.

Today at the Headquarters
Tom Ford Red Lips


As I met with several different girlfriends of mine in the past weeks and all of them stood out beautifully wearing their favorite red lipstick either to work, for a daytime event or at a party, I wanted to update my stack with a new color to be obsessing over. Tom Ford’s Crimson Noir is what I chose. A darker red that has a soft texture applied once, and a stronger tone when putting on more. I absolutely love Tom Ford’s packaging design, it weighs heavy and luxurious in your hands. The texture and fine fragrance of the product itself are a dream to apply and my lips feel moisturized all day. Tom Ford, you are one heck of a great designer fulfilling my glamorous desires! Of course, this experience will cost you quite a bit, but hey, what did you expect?! For me, it’s worth the celebration.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


I already own true red colors from Dior and Chanel and Tom Ford is a wonderful addition to it. I wore it pure where it seemed almost shiny matte and if put on carefully absolutely office appropriate. Another time I added some Rosebud Salve on top to make it appear real glossy, like you see below. I enjoy that one red lipstick can be worn in many different ways. I personally find a classic black and white outfit the best combination for a red lipstick look. With black and white the red stands out as the third color adding a beauty accessory to your business outfit.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


Who are you kissing Valentine’s Day?


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Red Lipstick “Crimson Noir 11” // Tom Ford

Glossy Effect // Rosebud Salve

Outfit Details // here


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