#1 How To Look Great In The Office // The Trick With The Waistline

Hello Everybody,

As I am starting to write this article, I become aware of two things:

First of all this is my 100th posting on Today at the Headquarters. I started blogging about business outfits in March last year and “The Trick With The Waistline” was my fist article I blogged about. Secondly I think this fashion trick is still very relevant that I now wanted to bring it back to you and round into what I’ve learned in the past 10 months of writing on tath.me.

Today at the Headquarters

I am working in a large corporation where female executives are still pretty rare and mostly dress like men for acceptance and also for the advancement in their careers. Fashion wise the rest of us are being observed as all over the place; from super casual to fancy chic, you find it all. As if there is no common understanding of what is ‘business correct” or let’s call it contemporary business etiquette we can rely on.

Observing and interviewing a diverse number of successful young professionals, I believe that if we want to be on equal terms in our corporate careers, we have to be free and accepted in our femininity. I think this independence and equality starts with the way we dress – the way we appear to others. A sloppy jeans you could easily wear to the beach or a cute dress that is simply too tight or too short for the office seems to be the most popular rule as a business ‘no-go’. However, there is a great ‘grey zone’ of business outfits that seem to be accepted but not overly flattering for females. Especially in traditional and conservative jobs, like finance, the classic business suit or costume still rules. I find neither one of them practical or good-looking. For the business suit the belt line sits right on your hips accentuating one of our naturally bigger body parts. The business costume only looks great in heels and if you don’t have a great model-like figure, it can make you appear as very squeezed in and therefore awkwardly shaped.

Imagine men wouldn’t wear business suits anymore – what would you wear then? Being independent also shows in what you wear in your daily job. We do not need to be sexy or men-like; a balance that is authentic for us must be possible and also affordable, not only for executives. I want to see female role models wearing contemporary chic office attire. I myself also want to try new feminine outfits expressing independence from conformity and everything that tells us to be more masculine before success will come. We will be the strongest when being ourselves.

Be brave. Be you. A real modern woman in today’s business world.

The Trick with the Waistline is a great start to new things in your business attire. Find my video on how I dress this trick right here.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the HeadquartersToday at the Headquarters



Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


The funny thing about these comparing outfits is, that the trousers of the classic outfit were as expensive as the entire new outfit with the skirt – how ironic :)

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Trousers // Hugo Boss (180 €)

Collar Shirt // Banana (70€)

Tweed Jacket // Zara (40 € – now on sale)

Pleated Skirt // Hallhuber (40 € – now on sale)

Belt // Wolford (old), similar Ted Baker (30 €)

Pumps “Soft Calf Pumps” // J.Lindeberg (they are my absolute fav. for months and now 50% on sale)

I am reporting from Munich, Germany



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