The Long Sweater // Not Very Work Appropriate

Hello Everybody!

I bet you could have told me prior to wearing my new long sweater, that this outfit wouldn’t make it on the list of business attire – like ever! Haha…I know (!), but I wanted to try it out anyway, seeing if a blouse and proper working pumps would make me feel comfortable enough to pull this trend off at work.

Today at the Headquarters


Let’s put it this way: ‘it is super comfy and amazingly warm and somehow edgy cool’ – you can wear it with pumps, but also ankle boots to make it stand out. However, my office experience taught me, though I felt comfortable, it wasn’t practical enough. The high cut on the side is showing a little too much leg and maybe an overall wool thing isn’t so easily handled in an office chair at the headquarters. Like a ball of wool kitty cats would want to play with – pretty much sums it up correctly. I wandered around the office leaving a trace of coziness :).

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


For home this piece is amazing! You can get it at J. Lindeberg – find the link below.


Cheers, Kitty Cats!





Long Sweater “Milla Chunky Structure Sweater” // J. Lindeberg

Slim-fit Shirt // COS

Pumps // J. Lindeberg

Necklace “Super Star Lariat” // Gorjana

Bracelet // Marc by Marc Jacobs

Lips “101 Possess” // Helena Rubinstein

Purse // Zara


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