The Cycle of Desperation // Long Working Hours With Deadlines


Hello Everybody!

How are you doing today at your headquarters? Enjoying winter time and Christmas preparation already or like me finishing projects and being desperate for the holidays to come. I took this picture last night after returning from another long working day looking exactly like this: desperate for sleep, food and a break from work.


Today at the Headquarters



Last night I entered my apartment throwing aside my coat and bag not feeling the need to fulfill any kind of duties like putting away my stuff properly. On my way home I ordered a pizza for the third time this week, because shops close at eight pm in Munich and I really did not have any groceries nor the nerve to be cooking late night. So, it was a Margherita, again.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters



The first night it was great eating pizza, I mean come on who doesn’t love pizza?! – The second time it felt okay, and this Thursday, simply awful. All I wanted was a healthier lifestyle which got me thinking about what was actually causing me feeling so unhealthy in my current way of getting through the day. Let me illustrate it for you:

Today at the Headquarters


2:00 -4:00 // I don’t really get so much solid sleep (‘oh no’)

7:00 // I get up and zombie myself to work (‘what is beauty? I forgot’)

9:00 // I buy food on my way to work and eat an unsatisfying breakfast at my desk, because I need to finish a specific topic before lunch (‘bääh’)

13:00 // Quick lunch because there is deadlines and work overload and I still need to get that other presentation done for tomorrow my boss requested (‘thank god there is always someone with similar situations so I am not eating alone’)

15:00 // Candy time where I go searching for some sugar hype at the vending machines meeting and greeting others with same interest and desire (‘this is ridiculous’)

17:00 // Coke isn’t gonna help pushing my brain any further, so there has to be more warp with an energy drink (‘yikes’)

20:00 // About time to get the hell out of here and get home where I cannot stop thinking about solving work issues (‘why? – just stop’)

21:00 // Starving for warm dinner – pronto! (‘at least it’s hot and was only 3.99’)

(‘Really?! This is my life?!’)



Today at the Headquarters




Working long hours is okay if you really like your job, which I thankfully do, however the nutrition situation spread over 24 hours one day offers is definitely worth improving. You know how they call the belly fat of board members: ‘the executive spread’ – no wonder, this lifestyle is really unhealthy when practicing permanently. There is basically no room for exercising, rejuvenating or piece of mind.

So, step 1 is recognition. Step 2 will mean ideation for change and Step 3 will be the execution of a new work-heath-style. As I am wrapping up this year already and will be enjoying my holidays soon, I will figure out some ideas and make it a New Year’s resolution. I would really appreciate any of your ideas and maybe you can share your experiences with me, so I can come up with a smart way to be dealing with staying out of this devilish cycle in 2015!


Let me know about your experiences and ideas how to do better in 2015!




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