Crop Top & Palazzo Trousers // Weekend-Chic in B’HAM, UK

Hello Everybody,

Quite a fancy feeling a skyline can create from the 18th floor right at Birmingham’s Bullring.


Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the HeadquartersToday at the Headquarters



This weekend I was in B’Ham and found a new trend to wear for the weekends … already having some ideas turning this year’s big crop top trend into fall / winter work wear. But for now, let’s keep it weekendish.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


If you have seen my article on The Trick With The Waistline, you know by now that accentuating your waist will do great for your figure and appearance. No wonder I am loving this year’s crop top trend. It is made out of a high waist skirt or pants and a crop top revealing only the upper part of your stomach. This trend isn’t something to wear at work, however the high waist skirts or pants are fantastic even without the top. Pants like this are called Palazzo Trousers.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters




At Top Shop I found myself a pair of Palazzo Trousers, which are wide leg trousers that flare out from the waist. They almost trick others into thinking you are wearing an a-shape midi skirt…but then you walk and reveal it is trousers instead. I think this shape and 3/4th length add a certain contemporary elegance and can be worn off-duty with any kind of crop top – long or short sleeve. I recommend wearing heels with this outfit only. In flats you might feel a little clownish, if you know what I mean.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters

Feeling a bit cosmopolitan this weekend, but instead of enjoying the same name’s cocktail, we are sipping some new Coke wondering if we are finding it great or not. A little different in taste but knowing that stevia instead of sugar is the cause; it’s not bad – not at all. It has 27 calories per 100 ml, which is about half the amount of regular Coke. However a Diet Coke is with less than 1 calorie per 100 ml still in lead. So, the difference comes in the natural sweetener of the stevia plant. Since September you can buy Coke Life in the UK. It is unsure when it will be sold in Germany. For me new products are fun and I thought you might find it interesting, too.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


Let me know about your weekend and if you enjoyed the time away from the office?!




Crop Top // Top Shop

Palazzo Trousers // Top Shop, similar Mango

Leather Jacket // Bebe

Necklace // Top Shop

Shoes // J. Lindeberg

Soft Drink // Coke Life

Fruit // Bullring Outdoor Market



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