The Trick With The Skirt Style // How To Look Thinner

Today at the Headquarters


Hello Everybody!

What a difference a skirt makes…LOL. It really does. A pencil skirt shapes your body differently than a pleated skirt. I always kinda new it but comparing these images is really interesting. In both pictures I am wearing the same shirt and shoes but my figure looks very different. So, let’s take a closer look at what is happening here:

Today at the Headquarters


A pencil skirt is tight like a bodycon and reaches until your knees accentuating your curves. My proportions are half-half, because of skirt length and similar colors. // A pleated skirt naturally flows in an A-shape accentuating my waistline instead of my hips. When worn like me in black, sectioning my figure in 1/3 – 2/3’s, where the lower body appears longer. Pleated skirts come in all lengths. I personally prefer them in a length still showing my knees, because it stretches my legs.

Today at the Headquarters


If you pair a black skirt with black tights and pumps you visually elongate your body – it’s a nice trick to looking taller and thinner. Amazing!


Which look to you like better for the office: pencil or pleated? Let me know in the comments below.

Today at the Headquarters


Always look your best and enjoy yourself!


OUTFIT “Pencil”

Top // Zara

Skirt // Zara

Necklace // Zara or this one

Shoes “Soft Calf Pumps” // J. Lindeberg

OUTFIT “Pleated”

Top // Zara

Skirt // Hallhuber

Necklace // I am

Tights “Satin Look 40” // Kunert

Shoes “Soft Calf Pumps” // J. Lindeberg


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