How To Feel Good About The Commercial Perfection // Lessons Learned From Graphic Design Class

Today at the Headquarters


Hello Everybody!

It is a lot of work to look flawless when being part of a corporate working schedule. You sweat during the day, run all over the place, get stressed out over deadlines and workload and stare into a screen all day or sit in meeting rooms with barely one window until late night which lets you get too little sleep anyway. To sum it up – the workplace is no spa – that’s for sure.

And then there is all those beautiful images surrounding us. Pictures we’re liking on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram, jap, all of those glossy images are professionally taken meaning there is a model and a make-up pro and a post-production that takes care of any imperfections.

Having flawless skin is hard work whether you are blessed with amazing skin and do lots to maintain or just your great Photoshop skills prepping your images. There is work done somehow or other.


What I learned from last week’s Graphic Design Class

I started taking Graphic Design online classes at Central Saint Martins where I learn basics on layout, type, how arrange objects, and communicate a message in a specific way even if the graphic does not include text.

Last week we were asked to organize objects in a layout with the LATCH method. There is only five ways to organize objects by: Location – Alphabet – Time – Category – Hierarchy.

I took all of my make-up brushes and started rearranging them by LATCH. The alphabetical order I liked best because you see how many tools I own – I actually did not realize it myself having so much. I also wanted to add a message to the layout of objects. I cut out the September cover of Vogue and layered it underneath. It looks like the model isn’t wearing much make-up where actually she had done lots of work using tools, pigments and Photoshop. With all the brushes I want to explain this exact information.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


You could argue like Megean Trainor’s “All About That Bass” saying: “I see the magazines, working that Photoshop, we know that shit ain’t real, come on and make it stop!” And cry out and never look at any beauty blog or fashionista stuff ever again.

Today at the Headquarters


Remind yourself now and then…

…when seeing those images with flawless faces and perfect complexions just keep in mind that it needs lots of beauty tools and efforts to be looking this way. It is absolutely fine if you cannot compete with that on a daily basis. No one does. With a corporate job that is time consuming even less. There are certainly tricks and process to make you handle it well and feel good about yourself, but the beauty lies inside of you understanding and valuing the information you’re taking in as just an inspiration to help you dream a little – nothing more and nothing less.


See my business make-up tutorial and see how much work a natural look is when a pro takes over :)


Love ya!



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