Fall Coat: Designer Label I Amore // Twin-Set

I bought this statement jacket for fall on sale in spring – it is from last season. Therefore you will probably not find it in store anymore. I’m really liking coats to be standing out if it is through color and pattern. Nothing you see much around at the headquarters. Check out Twin-Set. I think they are a fun brand with items that are a little different than the usual.

Today at the Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters


Simona Barbieri is the designer and owner behind the Italian brand Twin-Set based in Capri, Itay. The brand appeared on the Italian market in the late 90’s and became, year after year, more known. The style she designs is super contemporary and feminine giving women elegance. Must be the Italian sun and beauty inspiring her.

Today at the Headquarters


Their knitwear is completely produced in their own factories in Italy, where they still embrace hand-made appliqués and unconventional printing and dying techniques. This fact itself adds the certain kind of originality to their products you literally want to keep for long.

Today at the Headquarters



Be bright, colorful and enjoy the beauty of it!





Cool Fall Jackets // Twin-Set



Marienplatz // Ludwig Beck

Stachus // Oberpollinger

Maxvorstadt // Dressingroom

Neuhasuen-Nymphenburg // Cazar

Location // Museum Brandhorst


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