Beautiful Nail Colors For Fall Season // Office Appropriate

Today At The Headquarters


Hello Everybody!

What wonderful colors this year’s fall gives us to play with. At the headquarters nail colors are essential accents in your business outfits. While pastel colors and nude shades are most common and widely accepted in business attire, I believe that the fall color scheme is also fine in the office. We all love reds but in the office this can also mean a red light for some of us. I think that more orange tinted reds tone down the alarming base color and are therefore not screaming out so much. You find this color in apples right now and also in leaves that are just about to fall down covering the streets. This one is “Nahema 143” // Guerlain. The packaging has changed. Mine is old as good nail polishes last for quite a while.

Today At The Headquarters



Berry tones, such as dark violet has this certain elegance in its nuance. You could either go for a dark purple or a dark wine red that is far away from true red. I really enjoy this shade “A Grape Affair” // OPI. It is from the current Coca-Cola collection.

Today At The Headquarters



A true orange color can be fun in fall. This is more of a color for a casual day in the office or anywhere you are allowed to be a bit more fancy with your attire. “Deep in Love” // ANNY is real fun. There is also a lighter shade called “Summertime”.

Today At The Headquarters



Almost an all year around shade but best in fall as it has the fallen leaf look & feel to your hands and matched cashmere jackets perfectly. I have one that is called “Surprise” with the number 153. They don’t have it online, but sometimes there is a wider selection in stores. A current equivalent shade would be “Frenzy No. 559” // Chanel.

Today At The Headquarters






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