1000 Likes on Facebook // Thank You!

Good Morning Everybody,

I am very exited to see that there is so many of you liking my Facebook site TATH.

THANK YOU so much for your interest and support in



Today at the Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters


1000 likes from you and thousand roses from me:

Today At The Headquarters



In the past couple of months I have got so much generous support and comfort to open up to you and share with you my ideas, thoughts, things I like and, of course, my business outfits. Things that I actually wear to work. I am seeking a chic and fun business attire and most times this isn’t really easy: bending to the corporate business rules and at the same time staying authentic. I embrace the female look and feel in attire but I also want to be taken seriously – an act of balance. You probably know this by heart. It is so much fun for me learning about all the great options fashion offers to express yourself. Thank you so much for all of your ideas and tipps you send over! I love them.

I started blogging just in March this year out of pure interest and curiosity getting to know people of same interest. I am so incredibly happy actually meeting you and connecting over fashion and style.

If you didn’t follow me yet on Facebook, you find me here: TATH.

You also find me on Instagram and Twitter @tath_me :).


Thank you so much for reading and being part of my fashion journey of chic and fun business outfits.

Love you!



P.S. If you want to know why I transformed my business attire into what you see on my blog: read this.

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