Natalie Portman Stole My Heart // Miss Dior

I really have a thing for flowery scents that add this certain lightness to the day. Like the powdered sugar on a cake, this is what “Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet” feels to me. I powder myself in a bath full of beautiful roses. I spray some on my neck and chest and also on my wrists. It is such a light fragrance that it won’t be too much – so hopefully not bothering colleagues at work. In fact, it delights my day.


Today At The Headquarters


Blooming Bouquet is as beautiful as a dress made out of roses. It is Christian Dior’s homage to his legendary love for flowers. It celebrates nuances of Italian tangerine and peony. The base scent is white musk that produces a cottony, almost powdery effect. Fall in love with the fragrance and Natalie Portman in this short Dior Film. Although this campaign started in the beginning of 2014, I am still loving it and find it worth sharing.

Today At The Headquarters

Today at the Headquarters



If you love the cover of “La Vie En Rose”, like I do, it is Grace Jones. This song is one of her most popular covers people fell in love with all over the world. I already listen to it in an hour-long-loop :)

Today at the Headquarters


After work I like to switch to Dior’s stronger scented sister perfume “Miss Dior Chérie”. The chypre scent blends in with jasmine creating a stronger yet flowery almost fruity note. The Eau de Parfum just needs one spritz for me to enjoy until the sun sets.

Today At The Headquarters


Enjoy Beauty!



:: Products ::

Fragrance “Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet” // Dior

Fragrance “Miss Dior Chérie” // Dior

Music “La Vie En Rose” // Grace Jones

:: Outfit ::

Dress // Coast, similar here

Blazer // Red Valentino

Pumps // similar Michael Kors

Lips “Dior Addict No. 762” // Dior

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