Young Designer Label To Look Out For: RIYKA

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Hello Everybody,

Designer labels are great – don’t we just love high fashion and either wear or want to wear those couture pieces from big labels right from #fashionweek….jap jap, that’s what I want. But as big label shopping isn’t always what we are seeking for in equipping our business attire, I love shopping at Zara and else.

However, recently I merge into more conversations of ethical sourcing, sustainable materials and green process and where to actually find it besides the H&M conscious collection.

I started researching and tabbed into young designer labels that are unique and affordable – something special I can L.O.V.E. knowing that behind the scenes there are people who put lots of passion, thoughts and skills into a specific product for me to fall in love with. Ordering from them almost feels as if they hand sewed it just for you, delivered with a personal note. Ahhhhh I find this so nice.

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Young Designer Label RIYKA

Looking for young designer labels with quality, ethical values and love to their products, I came across RIYKA.

RIYKA is London based producing timeless British style with a historic yet modern twist. They use vibrant contrasting colors and geometrical patterns inspired by our modern fresh and lively culture. Find them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to follow some cool stuff.

I really like how they play with geometric lines. Their clothing is showcased as sporty on their website but I think the shapes are also great to be dressed up with accessories and heels.

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The Betty Dress

“The Betty Dress is a slightly shorter version of our classic midi length, an A-line cut with a sweet peter pan collar, full length & tapered sleeves, with contrast geometric paneling on front and back of dress, made out of 100% navy cotton drill with a slight sheen to it in contrast to a mat green cotton on the geometric detail.“

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters


Unfortunately this particular dress is sold out. As they only produce a limited amount of their clothing it says no mass production, which I really appreciate. Maybe you can ask them if they will make more. I think their dresses are pretty awesome and might also evolve into timeless pieces as their design playfully reaches out into diverse epochs.

Today At The Headquarters


I fell in love with this dress immediately. It is the essence of modern elegance during daytime paired with enough cuteness. It is slightly shorter than the classic midi-length and cut in an A-line shape. This dress was strongly inspired by the great beauties of the sixties and its cute naïve style of that era. I really like this style on my figure. The peter-pan collar adds so much cuteness into the architectural lines. I also really like the contrast geometric panels on front and back of the dress. The fabric used is cotton with a slight sheen to it – downside to cotton always is the wrinkling of material.

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters


Strong geometric lines speak out the RIYKA’s signature. I really like their style mix and the fact that I can easily elevate this dress from casual to chic – business and off duty.

This dress is fun, easy and striking.

@riykalondon, I’d love to see more Betty dresses on your site.


Follow along and Enjoy!



:: OUTFIT ::

Dress “Betty” // RIYKA

Flats “Aimee” // Tory Burch

Heels “Stiletto” // Zara

Necklace “Super Star Lariat” // Gorjana




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