3 Ways To Enjoy Wearing Colors // STEP 2

Today At The HeadquartersToday At The Headquarters


I started Detoxing The Black in my business attire as I see so much dark suits at the headquarters on a daily basis. We are not attending a funeral – it is just the office we are going to. I think it would be nice to enjoy colorful outfits.


Here is my “Detoxing The Black” STEP 2



Do you feel more comfortable in darker tones to work? Dark blue then will be your favorite alternative. Make it a rule: whenever you want to wear black, switch to blue.

Today At The Headquarters


Dark blue works well with so many colors just like black: white, beige, rose, green, grey and all types of red. Dark blue creates softer look and feel in your chic business attire. For shoes beige or grey are the main alternative to black. Velour leather for grey and lack for nude pumps look best. Stay away from regular leather black pumps as they make your feed appear more heavy weight.

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters


Today at the headquarters I am wearing a cashmere sweater in dark blue paired with a grey wool-jersey skirt I just bought at Hallhuber and grey velour pumps from Zara. Two colors are easy to match – too many are too much. Always check on what is your third color in your outfit. Bordeaux red really blends in well with this outfit I am wearing. Zara has stylish bags momentarily that almost speak high fashion :)


Hope you detox some of your black attire into softer tones.





:: OUTFIT ::

Sweater // similar Brooks Brothers

Skirt // Hallhuber

Pumps “Leather” // Zara

Bag // Zara

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