Why We Need To Refine Our Skills While Making Money

We are a hard working generation seeking more than an 8 to 9 job giving it all for one company and not balancing our dreams and strengths in the right direction. But honestly speaking – this is what we do: we work constantly. Either improving our financial freedom and lifestyle or just because we want to rule the world one day :)


We think about our job when getting to work by car or train and also when we come home. It is mostly what we talk about with our friends and subconsciously we are problem solving our daily challenges non-stop. Generally we do not get enough sleep and our to-do list is growing like crazy – like the pile of clothing that needs a good wash. Nothing is wrong about this kind of lifestyle. It just doesn’t go well in line with all the quotes that we pin on Pinterest like “do what you love and love what you do” or “life is too short to…waste it all for what?!” Yeah, for what exactly?

And let’s be honest, our days are rather filled with “go the extra mile, it’s never crowded” or “get shit done”:: at least that’s what you find on my P-wall :: Quotes.

Today At The Headquarters


After a couple of years in the working zone it is a good time for me to refine my skills and desires into what really interests me – besides money and nice co-workers, of course.

This fall I will be going back to school for one semester of short courses at the University of the Arts in London. UAL offers great online evening classes as well as on campus weekend seminars. Sounds perfect – and let me tell you, it is! UAL is a creative community of six world-leading Colleges, such as Central Saint Martins, one of the most desired destinations for art and design education.

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters


Life is about sharing and connecting. It is about learning new things, following your instincts and being brave while doing so. I feel with the years growing into the working world you experience all kinds of people and situations helping you to understand your passion and direction. But we should always remind us to make our own decisions and choices. Sometimes this particular freedom feels being neglected by us when being part of a corporate world seeking a career. We get so focused on one particular thing where there is so much more out there we don’t get our eyes on. There is a big difference in what others think you should work and what you think yourself you want to use your skills for.

Being the director of your own world, you can decide what you want to do, anytime. We have so many possibilities where it gets really hard finding what really matters to the individual you. I personally will give this journey of getting to know myself better a great chance. I am very much excited about this fall’s semester classes in London. See you there, if you like!


Enjoy and make your own decisions!



:: OUTFIT ::

Long Sleeve “Dark Blue” // Hallhuber

Blazer // H&M

Pleated Skrit “Karorock” // Hallhuber

Backpack “Leather” // COS

Jewelry // Bottega Orafa

Necklace “Super Star Lariat” // Gorjana

Pumps “Black” // Zara

Flats “Aimee” // Tory Burch

Glasses “5035” // Andy Wolf



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