The Smart Jewelry You Are Craving // Ringly

Hello Everybody!

Today at the headquarters I’d like to share a wonderful innovation with you. A ring that will transform your social life into quality time – worry free of missing out on anything that is important to you.

Today At The Headquarters


Let’s face it. We all do it. We check our phones all the time – when getting up, at work, at lunch, at dinner, in bed…just always. We live hybrid online-offline lives and enjoy it. Being offline just isn’t okay for us at all but we also enjoy one on one face time with our loved ones. Also on the job some people might not appreciate you checking your personal messages constantly. So far so good. But what are we going to do with this?

Today At The Headquarters


I want to introduce to you Ringly. The smartest and most beautiful way of staying online while being there in the the real world facing real people and real stuff. So, let’s say you are going out for dinner, you could build a phone tower with your friends jointly resisting the digital urge. Or you could wear a fancy statement ring that is designed to look beautiful and holds the technology that will discreetly notify you whenever you get a phone call, a text, an email or a tweet you care about. You could then reach out for your phone only when you really need to.


Today At The Headquarters


After reading about Ringly I directly ordered one for myself which I will get around October. As this is an entirely new product, you can pre-order until September 1st for a special price with this link.

Today At The Headquarters



I will write a review about the ring once I will have it in my hands and will let you know how I make use of it. Thank you, Ringly, for designing such a great product. I am already very excited about it and cannot wait until I get it.

Enjoy Beauty!


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