Style Interview With Andrea Pfundmeier

At #DLDw14 / The annual women’s conference of Burda’s important conference on “Digital, Life and Design”, I met Andrea for the second time. She is young, fun and a serious business player, she won 2nd place at Telecom Innovations Price in 2012 and is currently Honorary member of the Start-Up Advisory Board of the German Federal Ministry of Economics. She is an outstanding young entrepreneur with taste and I love to introduce her to you.

Today At The Headquarters


Andrea is the founder & CEO of Boxcryptor, a cloud-optimized encryption software for Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and many other providers. We all know that privacy is difficult in our digital era. Boxcryptor enables you to store your data safely in clouds, check it out at

Today At The Headquarters


Being a CEO overlooking employees, how much thought do you put into your business outfits?

When my partner and I founded the company I dressed differently as today, as it was just the two of us. Now I put some thought into my appearance, but luckily the IT sector has a casual dress code so I don’t have to up-dress for the office.


Do you fit in with your outfits or rather stand out?

I personally think it is quite good to stand out a little bit. Being a woman in the IT branch makes you stand out naturally, as business suits dominated meetings and conferences. I find it great to adapt to the men suit a little bit but in a different way, for instant wearing a pink blazer will give you enough attention and keeps the boundaries of being taken as a serious business player.


Do you have a business signature style?

I love flats and jeans paired with t-shirt and blazer. It always works well for me.


What is your dressing process in the mornings?

I think of what to wear the night before and lay it out: clothing, accessories and shoes, because I don’t have the time and muse in the mornings thinking of what to wear. Having this figured out I can get ready fast and get going.


What are your favorite shops for business clothing?

I do a lot of online shopping, like Zalando or Esprit. Fashion stores I go to are Mango, Zara, etc. they have fashion you can wear for business but not in that classic blazer style, moreover trendy cuts, styles and colors.


What are the main things to invest in?

A great blazer far besides the classic shape: Something you can wear for many occasions and that you will love for long. A nice handbag. It will elevate any business outfit and that is why your money is well invested.


Connect with Andrea on linked-in



Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters



Jeans // similar 7forallmankind

T-Shirt // H&M, similar H&M

Jacket // Esprit, similar here

Shoes // From a small boutique in Tuscany, similar Michael Kors

Necklace // similar Zara

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