The Office Approved Jumpsuit Style

Either love it or hate it! Fact is, the jumpsuit got back into the race of trendy outfits this summer. A Jumpsuit is comfortable and chic when following my 5 tips on


Today At The Headquarters


1// Wear it with heels – nude color will be charming

2// Combine with a blazer that covers your butt

3// Make sure to add a belt or anything tying your waist, keeping your feminine figure (not looking like wearing a garment-sack) – tie together right in at the waist feels like the best way to make the jumpsuit look good on you

4// Stick with a rather solid darker color for the suit as the unusual shape is attention grabbing enough

5// Also keep the blazer’s color rather low profile. Rose feels charming and appropriate

Keep in mind that you need to remove it entirely for bathroom use – time killer for busy schedules!

Today At The Headquarters

Fashion most times comes from a utilitarian or military use where practicability stands in focus. Many times the entertainment branch or the fashion industry adapts the practicability of clothing into ready-to-wear fashion. See where the original trench coat comes from here.

A Jumpsuit originally is used for motorsport or skydiving, but also mechanics use the one-piece to protect the body through full body coverage garment. You will also find the jumpsuit featured in science-fiction movies connoted as futuristic garment.

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

On the grand music stages artists have always been using the jump suit as stage costumes, such as Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, Britney Spears (“oops I did it again”) and yes, the Spice Girls (Vic did it many times!) and many, many more.

Oh ja, take the superheroes such as Spiderman, Batman, the Ninja Turtles….I think you get the picture of what it will make you feel like.


Be Your Superhero Today!





Jumpsuit // Oasis

Blazer // similar COS

Peep Toes // Tods, similar Michael Kors

Jewlery “Plättchen Kette” // Bottega Orafa


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