Why I love Making Fresh Juices

Hello Everybody,

A healthy lifestyle is important – we all know that. Especially when being a corporate kitty, hanging around the office all day. People get sick, sneeze at you and you cannot escape. In China they wear a mask to keep others from getting sick – in my culture not quite accepted yet, and besides sickness there are tons of reasons for eating and drinking healthy.

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Though knowing all of the things motioned above, I’m finding it hard to keep up eating the recommended amount of fresh vegetables and fruits every day.

If you feel alike, maybe you will also fall in love with fresh juices as I am doing. In just one glass you drink up 3 carrots, 2 oranges, 1 lemon and a bit of ginger… I could not eat that much fruit in the same amount of time. So, for me it’s perfect and very delicious.



When looking for a fruit juicer my #1 requirement was, that it produces a generous amount of juice and has a quick making and cleaning process. The Avance Juicer by Philips is a very great product I love every day.

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Although it is not a slow juicer that gets every single drop out of the fruit, it is fast and handy. Check out the massive rasp.

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Best part: It will literally be cleaned in 1 min by hands or the dishwasher will get it done while being at work.

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It has a wide-open entry, so you safe extra time when putting in whole fruits, like apples and oranges. Therefore I easily manage a fresh juice every morning – so I only need to pick up fresh fruits.


Jason Vale created this juicer together with Philips – he is a so called Juice Master. His amazing recipes come with the juicer in a free book for lots of fresh inspiration.



In case you are super busy and don’t have time to make your own juice, True Fruits is a real tasty alternative – I keep this option as time saving emergency or out of pure laziness only.

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I keep their glasses and refill them with my own mix that I can bring to work. A colleague of mine uses the glasses to bring her own coffee-mix. I found it so smart and the right size for a morning drink, so I copied it for my juice. But also any other recyclable bottle will do the job. I just learned that pulp is easier to remove from glass than from plastic.

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I hope you enjoyed reading. Let me know about your favorite summer juice recipes in the comments below. I also collect recipes at my Pinterest wall Addicted To Vitamins – connect with me there and exchange great juice ideas.

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Stay Healthy and …Enjoy Beauty!



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