How To Pull Off A Leather Jacket At Work

Today At The Headquarters

Today at the headquarters I wanna feel cool n’ sexy! Well, lets backward the sexy factor a little in down dressing the overall outfit making it daytime appropriate ;)

A leather jacket gives you a certain feel; The feel of freedom and edginess. As if you rebel the system; As if trying to overstep the line…just a tiny bit; The coolness that doesn’t need words.

Subconsciously we associate the leather jacket with greasers, motorcyclists, police, military and punks. A leather jacket is used to shape a certain character or image, provided through the very essence of coolness.

Today At The Headquarters



I chose a formal outfit under the jacket that rather says “I am feminine and shy” using a white silk blouse with a bow and a nude color pencil skirt. The Tory Burch Aimee flats complement this daytime office look.

Adding a waist-long leather jacket on top brings out the edginess of this outfit in a way, I still feel comfortable with. I would suggest wearing a plain black jacket that is well fitted – I would leave out any rocky details like studs or anything metal-like for the office. Plain is key here.

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters



Slip on peep toes for after-work socializing. Easy, edgy, cool outfit – love it!

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters


Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters


On your way to work tune in on Iggy Azalea’s Work…it’ll help pimp up your attitude :)





Blouse // Hallhuber, similar here

Jewlery “Plättchen Kette” // Bottega Orafa

Pencil Skirt // Talbot Runhof, similar here

Skinny Belt // Oasis, similar here

Flats “Aimee” // Tory Burch

Peep Toes // Tods, similar Michael Kors

Shoulder Bag // Michael Kors

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