5 Tricks To Stay Hydrated At Work

Why am I so bad at drinking a generous amount of water during the day in the office? It isn’t really that difficult, is it?!…I hope you do better than me. However, if you feel there is room for being better hydrated at the headquarters, here are 5 tricks that help establish a new hydration routine:




I bring my own gorgeous glassware I bought just for work. This one is a carafe-bottle with a matching glass. I adored this extract product design at my colleague’s desk and had to get it myself. The glass fits on top of the carafe and can be stored neatly. It is from Lambert, called Bellina, and comes in green, purple and lucent. Just the pure fun of this glass-beauty makes me want to use it and drink more.

Today At The Headquarters



When seeing something right in front of my eyes, I keep reminding myself of it…a post-it note, a folder, or a glass of water!

Today At The Headquarters



You will drink more, if a filled glass is right in front of you vs. a bottle under your desk.

Today At The Headquarters




As I am not always at my desk and also in hour-long meetings, I try to make carrying a water bottle with me a habit. My hands tend to be overloaded with laptop, papers and markers, therefore I came across this very practical and super cute Evasolo drinking bottle. Just hand on your wrist or arm…people in the office are falling in love with it already. The handle comes in 6 colors, the material is BPA-free (Bisphenol A, often found in plastic can harm your health) and you can put the bottle in the dishwasher. Wash the lid separately in the sink – it will break in the dishwasher.

Today At The Headquarters



If you have very stressful days or you want to push in a new routine, get some app-aid. There is cool free apps reminding you to get that water in your body:

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters


This routine works pretty well for me and I hope it might give you some new ideas on staying hydrated at work. Let me know about your tricks in the comments below.


Happy Monday, Beauties!


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