Is Wet Hair To Work Okay For You?

Have you ever done wet hair to work? I’ve seen Manhattan Ladies doing so but never tried myself – until today. After exciting DLD days and a full working weekend prior to that I had little sleep and many thoughts to process…all in all too little time for a blow-dry hair day. So, why not using the summer warmth to dry it naturally?! Let’s do a super casual look today.

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

How did it work out for me? Actually, it is a great thing to do, especially for super casual days with little make-up and comfy clothing. I applied some of my favorite hair product (Aveda Elements Smoothing Fluid) and combed it. I always carry a brush and hair bands with me, so after they dried I just put my hair in a ponytail.

Such a cool summer experience. My hair was almost dry by the time I reached the office. Will this also work for you at the headquarters or is this rather a no-no at work? Any suggestions and experiences are welcome.


Enjoy Beauty!




Blouse “Etrixe1” // Hugo by Hugo Boss

Jeans // similar Zara

Flats “Aimee” // Tory Burch

Shoulder Bag // Michael Kors

Jewlery “Plättchen Kette” // Bottega Orafa

Laptop Sleeve // BMW i

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