2 Day Conference Outfits

Hello Everybody,

two fantastic days at the DLDwomen 14 conference here in Munich! Thank you, Antonia from DLD, who made it happen for TATH to be part of this outstanding conference. I was there to soak in latest trends and of course, observe and talk to amazing young females over business outfits. All of my insights I will share with you in my upcoming articles.

Today At The Headquarters I’ve been live streaming some of the content from #DLDw14 on my channels, if you like to connect with me there, find my other channel here.

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Outfit DLDw // DAY 1

I decided to go flat for both days and not wear any heels – all day at a conference! And actually I was totally fine with it as many others did the same. I will also show pictures soon. As the sun was out a little bit, I wanted to bring the softness of the summer into my outfit. Find all links below.

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters


Outfit DLDw // DAY 2

Rain, rain rain today…why?! Being inside, I chose to wear one of my favorite Oasis dresses with black flats and a smaller, more convenient bag.

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters

As I heavily used my phone for interviewing and documenting I also brought an external battery. I connected my cable to it carrying it in my purse…kinda looked like a fashionable “WALKMAN” from back in the days. It is amazing what you can charge with this thing – up to your laptop!
Today At The Headquarters

Today At The Headquarters


The DLD (Digital-Life-Design) is a global network on innovation, digitization, science and culture which connects business, creative and social leaders, opinion-formers and influencers for crossover conversation and inspiration. It is basically talks and workshops on various topics of today’s and tomorrow’s world.

Go to DLDwomen for all video contenet, a list of the speakers and the program me.


XOXO, Corinna


Back Pleated Shirt “Trublion” // Sandro Paris

Necklace “Super Star Lariat” // Gorjana

Jacket // Mango

Trousers “Battito” // Max&Co.

Flats // Mango

Tote Bag “Floral Prints”// Tory Burch


Dress // Warehouse

Necklace “Facets” // Turina Jewelry

Jacket // vintage

Flats “Aimee” // Tory Burch

Bag “Flap Crossbody”// DKNY

External Battery “Astro Pro” // Anker


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