The All Time Fashion Essential today at the headquarters today at the headquarters today at the today at the headquarters

“Lalalalala…She’s got the look”. Sometimes old songs pop in my head for no reason. When wearing this beach colored business outfit I have Roxette’s classic song in my head – this white dress and turquoise blazer is such a nice pre-summer business outfit. A classic pencil dress creates a slim bodyline, because it stretches the body making you appear taller and thinner. It seems to be the style we are seeking to look like today at the headquarters.

The perception of what defines a contemporary look changes, especially in fashion. However, the most important business outfit feature of an impactful look remains the same – confidence! Your eyes, facial expression and body language speak out loud: “She’s got the look!”
Obviously our looks affect our business life, if you like it or not. Self-esteem is the evolutionary fashion survivor of what people are really hungry for and you should own it and wear it every day. Self-esteem is your personal charisma, a reflection of your personal emotional evaluation of your own worth, how you judge yourself and your attitude. Besides your intellectual fund, believe yourself of being worthy of happiness and beauty. Wear things that bring out your charismatic look making you even more invincible. Try out shapes, styles and colors to find your special look.

Be conident & Enjoy Beauty!



Dress // Anne Klein, similar here

Blazer // Tahari, similar here

Necklace “Facets” // Turina Jewellery

Make-up // I am making use of my new Make-Up Routine

Pumps // similar here // http://todayattheheadquarters.com //

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