I bought A Fancy Trench-Coat

TATH Business Outfits

Falling in love with a trench is easy – this particular coat completes any business outfit day to night time and during various seasons.

It was originally a military clothing and shows this influence in its styling. Commonly the coat is belted at the waist and comes with self-belt strips around the wrists. The originally trench has 10 front buttons and is made of waterproof fabric. The classic trench coat colour is khaki (light yellow-green).

Thomas Burberry claims being the inventor of the trench coat as he designed it for the British military for an army officer’s raincoat in 1901.

Today the Burberry trench style is perceived as chic and fashionable as it has adapted over post-war time into a business outfit statement for men and women. Although such a trench is quite an investment, it is so versatile and long-lasting that you find value in it. You can dress it up and down, wear it from work to after-work occasions and in diverse seasons. For spring and fall it is perfect but also in the first days of winter you can layer it with a fur vest underneath. The material is good enough to keep away rain and cold and it generally does not need much cleaning. In the summer the trench is a great night time compagnion.

TATH Business Outfits

When wearing my trench I feel worry-free no matter where I am. I appreciate a wardrobe that feels smart to me, because it blends in effortlessly with all my outfits  making me look and feel good. Something that I can own and love for long.

A Burberry trench offers diverse styles and colours and I spent some time figuring out what detailed style to go for. For me it was important to find a style that accentuates my waistline and that isn’t too basic, because I really like that extra twist to things. At their stores I had someone explain to me all the beautiful options. As much as I love online shopping, there is nothing more to a luxury in-store experience, where someone is there to assist you with your choices and where you can try on everything until you find what is perfect for you. I personally believe such an experience adds so much more value to your purchase and you will think about it now and then when wearing it.

I bought mine on my last trip to New York City. Maybe you’ve been to Burberry’s SOHO store on Spring Street? You enter the store and there is enough space to feel comfortable. For me interior design and décor is such a pleasure because I appreciate carefully selected and well composed design. A store like this almost feels like an art gallery, where you can spend hours of pleasure without needing to say a word – just the joy of seeing beauty is wonderful to me. (Painting: Gerhard Richter, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich)

For myself I decided on a lean wardrobe that feels smart to me. I can pair almost everything with everything in my closet and that is the fun part about it: Everything goes and it eases my mind. I decided to own one coat that does it all for me instead of many that don’t satisfy as much.

Owning a trench makes things easier and more beautiful. A trench perfects your business outfit and can be an fashion item that will always be en vogue, so you can love it for a long time.

Have a great day!


Disclaimer: Everything on my blog is my personal opinion and bought with my own money. All outfits I wear on my blog, I actually wear at work.

©tath.me // 2015


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  1. […] Fashion most times comes from a utilitarian or military use where practicability stands in focus. Many times the entertainment branch or the fashion industry adapts the practicability of clothing into ready-to-wear fashion. See where the original trench coat comes from here. […]


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