The Formal Formula Or Almost Conservative today at the headquarters


“Hello, I am Corinna – nice to meet you. Did you have a pleasant flight? …Did you get here well?… Where are you staying? …How was the traffic? …The meeting room is over here.”


Today at the headquarters I am hosting meetings with international guests. It’s that kind of occasion where I make use of my formal formula making the right appearance. About 50% of our communication is non-verbal. Your outfit is part of this communication. In case you want to reassure your formal skills, here is my


// Knowing your company’s dress code

// Knowing what is appropriate for your profession, job title, geographic region you are meeting in, the type of people you are meeting with and the occasion.

// Stick with 3 colors max.

// Wear right lengths

// Stay away from extremes

There is a thin line between chic and showy, but also between formal and conservative. today at the today at the headquarters today at the headquarters



I am meeting with people outside my company in a conservative environment where people probably enjoy ironing their shirts twice in the morning for extra stiffness :)

For my formal business outfit I selected the 3 colors white, black and red. I pair my beloved white slim fit shirt (short sleeves) with a zebra print silk skirt and a ¾th sleeve and waist accentuated black blazer. I accentuate my outfit with a true red color lipstick. Choose one that is more matte and keep the shiny ones or lip-glosses for after-work occasions. With red lips at work keep your nails and make-up in a nude color scheme.

The pleated skirt reaches my knee-line and my blazer I button up except for the first upper one. And yes, wearing tights is a matter of course.

For jewelry I pair pearls with diamonds. Pairing a pearl necklace with pearl earrings is convenient and seems to be matching at first glance but creates a very conservative look – and btw: convenience never proves a fashion statement. For gentlemen it’s the same thing: matching tie and pocket square isn’t rather slick than more convenient. So, never pair pearls with pearls only.

Shoes I recommend velour leather as its texture softly blends in with the overall outfit. Grey is a wonderful classic spring/summer alternative to black.

Finish your outfit with one spritz of Bulgari’s Omnia – it will make you smile.


Straighten your back and shoulders for that formal posture and…

Enjoy Beauty!


Let me know about your formal business attire in the comments below.





Slim-Fit Shirt // COS // with different outfit here

Blazer // Hallhuber // with different outfit here

Pleated Skirt // Malene Birger

Earrings // similar at Macy’s

Pearls // Tiffany & Co.

Tights  “Mystique 20” // Kunert 

Pumps // similar at Buffalo

Lipstick “No.19, Gabrielle” // Chanel

Fragrance “Omnia Crystalline” // Bulgari

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