The Chic-Casual Outfit You Could Also Wear Meeting The In-Laws today at the headquarters today at the today at the headquarters

Do you have these days when you’d rather wear a sweater to work and cuddle yourself in a blanket at your desk drinking jasmine tea? Those days I am very focused and get lots of work done…well, that’s called home office. If you don’t happen to be at home working, you can easily up-style the same look & feel for a cozy-chic day at the headquarters.
I choose very light materials of the same color family and layer them for full coverage. A silk long sleeve sweater with a round neckline works well when wearing a scarf. Choose a silky scarf in a similar tone of your skirt to create an overall smooth impression and wrap around your neck until coziness kicks in. Update this look with a fine but colorful necklace in v-shape…we want to create diversity but don’t overdo with a big statement here since it’s still a business outfit. To keep your waistline simply wear a slim belt with a bow and don’t tuck in your sweater this time. Flat shoes of your choice and you’ll look ahead to a wonderful day! today at the headquarters
Jasmine blossoms are subtile sweet and highly fragrant which I find so comforting. In aromatherapy the jasmine scent is used as stress reliever and anti-depressant. Jasmine teas you will find with a blend of green, white or black tea. The green blend I like best as it awakes and energizes gently.


So close to Enjoy Beauty!



Sweater // Prada (second hand), similar Ted Baker // with different outfit here

Pleated Midi-Skirt // Club Monaco (old), similar Massimo Dutti

Skinny Bow Belt // Wolford (old), similar Kate Spade

Necklace “Facets” // Turina Jewellery

Scarf // 1-2-3 Paris (old), similar Chloé

Earrings // similar Bottega Orafa – Annika de Haen

Nail Polish ‘Lost Without My GPS’ // OPI

Jasmine Tea // Molihuacha //

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