TATH Business Make-Up You Will Love

10 steps once learned will make your morning routine easy and fun because this make-up style will look great on you matching all of your business outfits. For work I want to look fresh and awake, smart and full of energy. I don’t have much time in the mornings and I also don’t want to try out new things – I just want a natural look that makes me shine throughout the day.

tath.me today at the headquarters

My dear friend Melanie, who I am friends with since teenage days, came to visit last weekend and gave me an update on the business make-up I will turn into my new business make-up routine.

tath.me today at the headquartersMelanie is a professional make-up artist and knows all the wonderful tricks about looking great. She works a lot at photo shoots for magazines and websites where a business look that matches your type is key.

I was so happy about the update of my make-up techniques that I want to share Mel’s tricks with you: Find all links to the products and tools below.

I bought nothing new, instead I learned how to make the most out of all my products and how to use them right.


1. // BASE

Clean your face and use tonic water to prep your skin. Most important for a fresh skin is to be clean, so always wash off make-up at night and also wash in the mornings.

Apply your favorite face cream and don’t spare with soft eye-treatment.

tath.me today at the headquarters



2. // MAKE-UP

Apply your make-up that matches your skin tone perfectly. Don’t go darker or lighter with your make-up and therefore chose the color per season. Apply make-up with a brush or use your fingers softly tapping so that make-up and skin blend entirely. Tapping will also awake your skin being rosy.

tath.me today at the headquarters




Use concealer to cover darker spots. I use it for under my eyes and also to cover any other skin flaws. Look for a slightly lighter tone as your make-up. Make sure to choose a more yellowish color because it is the complementary color of blue which you find mostly as dark circles under your eyes. Keep in mind that also with concealing less is (a)more. Tap in the product and blend with the make-up.

tath.me today at the headquarters




Contouring is great to shape your face into a more characteristic appearance. Use a darker tone crème make-up (they come great in sticks) and contour right under your cheekbone as well as on both sides of your nose. Apply and blend in with your fingers. You can intensify with brown powder.

tath.me today at the headquarters



5. // POWDER

Lose and transparent powder helps keep your make-up stay on the right place during the day. Make sure to apply on the t-zone that we want to keep matte and then brush away the powder towards hair and ears. Also cover eyes well so your eye-shadow will last longer.

tath.me today at the headquarters



6. // ROUGE

Rouge is the ultimate product creating a fresh look. However only cover your apple shape cheeks. Smile and your round cheeks will show. Never use rouge for contouring on your cheekbones. We used to fancy that look in the 80s as I learned :). So if you want to go back to those dirty dancing days…go for it but for this look I will keep it contemporary.

Use little amount of product and might as well shake off some of it before applying. You want to create a natural look that has soft contours not a mask. Studies show the more confident a woman feels the less make-up she needs. Try to keep the balance between the fun of making more out of yourself and showing off.

tath.me today at the headquarters



7. // BROWS

Your brows are the frames of your face, so it’s great to start with shaping them. For a daily business make-up we stick with the classic brow style:

Use a pencil to help define the 3 dots that help you shape your brows.

// Your brows should begin at the alar wing of your nose.

// The highest point you’ll find when the brush starts at the alar wing of your nose and reaches through your iris.

// Your brows should end right where the angle of your eyes end. Also use a brush to define the exact spot.

Use a pencil and draw fine line or eye shadow and a sharp cut brush. Blend in with an eyebrow brush. Even Marilyn Monroe wore this brow style as it defines an expressive and feminine expression.

tath.me today at the headquarters



8. // EYES

To get awake and accentuated eyes start off and cover the entire lid with a matte crème colored eye shadow.

Use a brown / greyish tone for modeling your eyelid. Your eye bone structure defines where to apply the shadow. Make sure to use a soft brush and apply right along and underneath your eye bone and blend away. We don’t want any edges and a soft shadow instead.

Keep your fingers off a liquid liner. They usually don’t work out in the mornings anyway. Instead try to create a softer line with a thin cut brush. Dip it in water and mix with a darker brown colored eye shadow for saturated pigments. You will get a well-set thick lash line. Apply on upper and lower lash line.

Curl your lashes for the right upward glance and finish off with mascara. Apply twice for extended lashes to beautify our eye make-up.

tath.me today at the headquarters



9. // LIPS

Chose a nude lip liner that matches your natural lip color and apply gloss. Lip-glosses in rose and peach add another angle of freshness to your face and are easy to apply during the day. Just fresh up before a meeting and your will shine.

tath.me today at the headquarters




tath.me today at the headquarters


XOXO ^_^…& feel good at work in meetings, in the cafeteria and online conferences!




1. BASE:

Face Care // L’Occitane Angelica line // refreshing tonic // face moisturizer

Eye Roll On “All About Eyes Serum” // Clinique


Make-Up “Skin Foundation SPF 15” // Bobby Brown 

CC Cream “Moisture Surge SPF 30” // Clinique

Brushes // Da Vinchi “Rondo” Foundation Brush and Bobby Brown Foundation Brush


Corrector “Creamy Concealer Kit” // Bobby Brown

Liquid Concealer “Touche Eclat” // YSL

Brush “217 Blending Brush” // MAC Cosmetics


Bronzer “Bronzing Powder” // Bobby Brown

Creamy Concealer “Studi Finish Concealer” // MAC Cosmetics

Liquid Concealer “Pro Longwear Concealer” // MAC Cosmetics

Brushes // Helena Rubinstein (old), similar “168 Large Angled Contour” MAC Cosmetics and “Foundation Brush” Clinique


Lose Powder “Blot Powder” // MAC Cosmetics

Brush “Face Brush” // Bobby Brown


Blush “Joues Contraste” // Chanel

Rouge “Blush” // Bobby Brown

Brush “Blush” // Dior (old), similar Dior


Eye Shadow “Ombre Essentielle” // Chanel

Eyebrow Pencil “Sourcils Poudre” // Dior

Brushes // “Pro Angled Liner Brush 22” Sephora Professional and “Classic Eye 3674” Da Vinci


Eye Shadow Cream White // Victoria Secrets (old), similar “Blanc Type” MAC Cosmetics and Brush “224 Tapered Blending Brush” MAC Cosmetics

Eye Shadow Grey “Pro Longwear” // MAC Cosmetics and Brushes “Eye Sweep Brush” Bobby Brown and “Eye Smudge Brush” Bobby Brown

Eye Shadow Black // MAC Cosmetics and Brush “Eyeliner N°24” Dior

Eye Shadow White // MAC Cosmetics and Brush “Eyeshadow Brush N°21” Dior

Mascara “Lash Queen” // Helena Rubinstein and Eyelash Curler Sephora


Lipliner “Double Wear” // Estée Lauder

Lip Gloss “Pure Color” // Estée Lauder


& Enjoy Beauty!


http://tath.me // http://todayattheheadquarters.com


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