How To Dress-Up The Women Suit today at the headquarters

You need to wear a super formal business outfit with flat shoes? Usually a very stiff outfit but you can spice things up at the headquarters with a bright maxi silk scarf. A silk scarf can be a lifetime investment. Once you figure out the colors that make you shine, a scarf can elevate any business outfit. I’ve had mine for years and still enjoy it very much especially when wearing a lady suit. I put the ends in a double knot and then tie it around my neck twice. today at the headquarters

Have a great day!


Disclaimer: Everything on my blog is my personal opinion and bought with my own money. All outfits I wear on my blog, I actually wear at work.

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1 thought on “How To Dress-Up The Women Suit”

  1. […] In case your headquarter job requires a high amount of conservativeness you can tone down your third color in your outfit. In this case it would be beige or might as well call it champage – but still keeping some red lips – can’t take that away from you! :). Switch into less detailed pumps in a settled color such as black matching belt and blazer. Also lose any kind of bold accessory such as the statement necklace. If you embrace colors, you can dress up with a silk scarf. Find inspiration here. […]


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