Soft Schmoozy

tath today at the headquarters

Hey Professionistats! Happy Friday today at the headquarters! I did not plan on posting today’s outfit but I got such sweet compliments on the color mix at work that I feel very much schmoozed and therefore wanted to share it with you.
Sun is out and spring is here, the perfect time for soft colors creating a comfy casual Friday look. Rose and nude are a wonderful soft combination that makes me already introduce the weekend’s piece of mind with it. When adding very little but brighter color accents, like orange, turquoise or darker pink, it gives the outfit more dimension. I also add dimension through the structured material of my blazer and fragile colorful necklace while keeping the rest of the outfit calm. I look for tone-in-tone structures. A blazer is a must for this look turning the overall combination into a business outfit. This one I have had for years and I keep being in love with it. Not only because it is a timeless piece but also because of the emotional value that is attached to it. My dear friend Summer from Charleston, South Carolina gifted it to me.
I underscore my casual business look with leather boots in nude. I was very excited when I found them this week. I love boots on other people but for my figure they usually don’t work. However Pat Calvin’s are great and make me feel good.
What’s your casual spring business outfit that makes you feel good? Comment below and let me know.
And I am trying new background colors…what do you think?
Enjoy Beauty!
Long Sleeve „Beige“ // Hallhuber
Skinny Jeans “Distressed Blush” // rag & bone
Blazer // Anne Klein (old) If I’d it buy new I’d get the Anne Klein “Fringed Jewel Neck Jacket” which is on sale right now!
Necklace // Turina > see with a different look here
Velour Leather Boots // Pat Calvin > In Munich you get them at the Humanic store, Sendlinger Str.

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