Casual Workshop Outfit

today at the headquartertoday at the headquarter Yay, today it’s workshop day, meaning that we contribute all of your team’s thoughts and ideas to one single topic. Fantastic! Usually I work on many different things during the day, so I really look forward to be hanging ideas on the walls, listening to presentations, looking at stuff, crafting and concepting.

Workshopping also means, that I will want to wear a casual business outfit being comfortable. I like to bring a poncho or scarf, because workshop rooms tend to be bigger and colder than the office and with a lot of sitting I can cuddle myself into it or use it as a blanket for my legs under the table. I wear flats because there will also be some standing and moving around. Besides, I always look for reasons wearing my brand new Derbys!

I bring fresh juice and a snack to keep my system running during the day and therefore prevent killing the vending machine for candy ^_^…!!! #staystrong



Shirt // similar Massimo Dutti

Blazer // similar H&M

Cashmere Poncho, Scarf // Woo

Necklace // Hallhuber

Skinny Jeans // Adriano Goldschmied

Derby Shoes // Kennel & Schmenger

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