The Trick With The Waistline

Hi Everyone! To style your business outfit from flat to flattering is a balance that needs some tricks and practice.

 flat vs. flattering

Fashion is an instrument of provocation but also liberation.

“You don’t fight revolutions with silk gloves”*, also meaning that you cannot disagree when being compliant. “There were times when a simple glove removed in a particular fashion could cause quite a stir. And when women figured it out, they didn’t hesitate to use the fashion as an instrument of provocation.”*

Times changed and we don’t really wear silk gloves anymore. However, when it comes to business outfits the corporate fashion among women these days is still either provocative or edgy with short skirts and skin showing or very adapted to men’s business styles. I find the second more common, because the first thing that we naturally do when we are new to a job is to adapt: to the situation, the wording, the behavior and appearance. We want to fit in. But what if men dominate this new environment? How do I stay authentic and fit in at the same time? There is more than a trouser suit that keeps your professional sophisticated look but feels much more like yourself.


When wearing regular women suits like a coat and skirt or trousers, the belt line happens to be right on our hips forcing to use a belt accentuating one of our bigger sizes of your lower body. In case you have a perfect model figure, you are lucky enough not needing to use any fashion tricks, but for the rest of us this is what helps to feel just alike ^_^.

business signature outfit_2

Bringing up the beltline to your waist will accentuate the smallest part of your body. Adding a thin belt gracefully shapes your outfit in a feminine style. In bringing the waistline even a little bit higher up than that will stretch your figure making you look even taller and thinner. In this way for instance you can easily pair a simple black A-line skirt with diverse blouses. If you want to, pair this outfit with a short blazer not longer than your waist. Adding a statement necklace of your choice will finish the overall look.

business signature outfit_6a

a-line skirt with blazer

Get rid of that silky glove and…Enjoy Beauty!



V Neck Blouse // Oasis

Mini Skirt Black // Hallhuber

Skinny Waist Belt // Accessorize

More Inspiration on my Pinterest  // The trick with the waistline

*Fashion and Women // Vogue Italia


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