Why I Female Transform My Business Attire

Today At The Headquarters

“Hey look, I am wearing the same outfit like you do!”

That’s what my boyfriend said to me one morning when I was getting ready for work in the bathroom. I looked like a man and I probably acted like one, too! From that very moment on I drastically changed style and behavior towards what I really am, my authentic me, not trying to be anyone else.

Hello everybody, I am Corinna, a fashion-loving young professional, working at the international headquarters of a large male dominated corporation. Life has changed after my university degree and made me become a real young professional being able to shape and style my life the way I was never able before. Like a white paper, on which you start creating your values, opinion, work ethic, business relation and after-work life. It is exciting and scary!

When I started working in the professional world, I had all these questions and insecurities about what to look and behave like … a little bit like back to school “how do I fit into this class” type of question.

Being new at a workplace you naturally adapt to your surrounding. Clothing shows appreciation, respect, discipline, and self-esteem. You want to blend in and be part of the business you entered. Knowing your company’s dress code is told to be the key in breaking the ice and there are also voices saying you need to dress for success.

Today At The Headquarters

But what if the surrounding you’re adapting into is dominated by men and other females dressing similarly? What do you do then? Of course you conform at first.

But for me that adaption felt more of a deal breaker instead of a deal maker. In our modern young lives the classic business etiquette is a great way to start off with, filling in blanks of experience, to get along. At the same time, for me this advice felt outdated in my daily work life.

So came that very morning in the bathroom with my boyfriend look-alike. After him stating our twin-outfits, we both stared in the bathroom mirror looking like “why is this happening?”

Well…off in the trash went that very piece of fabric, I had chosen so carefully. It was bitter-sweet, because for your first business outfit purchases you really save up your money and wisdom trying to make a good first impression. But from this very eye-opening moment on I drastically changed style and behavior to what feels myself – female.

Today At The Headquarters

So the big question I am dealing with is now: how do I stay authentic and fit in corporate’s visual language at the same time? There is more than a trouser suit that makes up your professional sophisticated look but it also cannot be those sweet short skirts and swagger outfits other Bloggers and YouTubers show as their office attire. I guess, like everything else in life, I have to figure it out myself.

Have a great day!


Disclaimer: Everything on my blog is my personal opinion and bought with my own money. All outfits I wear on my blog, I actually wear at work.

©tath.me // 2015

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